Ten ideas for Uber to experiment with

  • Affiliate program for third-party app developers to integrate Uber and allow users to book directly from their app. E.g. Yelp would have a “Get Uber” button to take the user to a restaurant they are looking at.
  • Flat fee service e.g. unlimited trips within a city (San Francisco) on Friday evening for $50.
  • Social feature that allows users to buy/pay for someone else’s ride e.g. when inviting friends to your party.
  • In-app video ads, that subsidize cost of a ride for the duration of the ride that the rider watches ads.
  • Pre-booking service for longer rides, taking the risk and uncertainty out of odd hours travel.
  • An exclusive women driver service, specially in cities that are not considered very safe for women, like Delhi.
  • Longer term cab rental service for e.g. at vacation destination where tourists usually book multi-day chauffeured cabs.
  • High speed wi-fi hotspots, could be super useful for riders to stay productive on longer commutes e.g. on pooled services for ~ hour long commutes to and from work.
  • Discounted rates on Uber for drivers when they travel.
  • Exclusive partnerships with regional gas companies to get discounted rate for drivers.


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