10 types of people (based on skills) I would hire

  • Super connector – Has a large, ever growing network of different types of people. People to hire, to freelance, who would invest, who can be partners, who host events, who write popular blogs, who work in media, who are super connectors themselves.
  • Growth hacker – Loves to reverse engineer “virality”, who knows the growth curve of most successful startups, who is creative and unconventional, who has spent considerable time on forums where growth hackers hang out (growthhackers.com), who regularly reads Andrew Chen, Sean Ellis, who is a mix of tech and marketing.
  • Chief of tech – Has years of experience learning and mastering their art (spent 10000 hours in the field). Loves to build and nurture top class engineering teams, is obsessed with code quality, world class architecture and building things for scale.
  • Black belt engineer –  Excellent at written and verbal communication and at understanding complex and vague requirements, loves software engineering, contributes to OSS, gives back on Stack Overflow, has their own pick of favorite programming languages and tools.
  • Master of all things front-end – Has experience building awesome UIs on different platforms, be it a WordPress site, a mobile app front end, a landing page, an email newsletter.
  • Design guru – Lives and breathes design, not just when they are working, but with everything they see and experience. Someone can talk about how the design of a door knob impacts usability, who has a awe inspiring portfolio on dribble, who knows about best practices on each platform but at the same time is not afraid to push the limits when needed. Someone who knows how to talk to users through design.
  • Business dev champion – Knows how to sell by not selling. Has coverage across different technology related businesses and can connect the dots to figure out hidden partnership opportunities. Can instantly come up with 10 ideas how Snapchat can make revenue, suggest 10 new verticals that Amazon should diversify into, 10 untapped tech markets that Google should explore.
  • Product maestro – Is a master at figuring out and doing everything it takes to build super engaging products that users love. Data juggler, customer advocate, tech background, design empathy, strategic mind, team player. Loves community building and is regular on Product Hunthacker news and other product communities.
  • Analytics ninja – A data geek. Someone who is on top of the industry standards when it comes to analytics and data. Who regularly reads awesome blogs such as Occam’s Razor, Hiten Shah and MixPanel.
  • Open role – Someone who is skilled at what they do, has a track record of having done amazing things, has bright ideas, and great conviction skills.


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