The recipe for a successful tech product



How most people think successful products are built –

  • Think hard and come up with revolutionary idea
  • Hire well rounded team to execute
  • Build complete, well-designed product
  • Get a ton of users to discover your product through press coverage and “social media”
  • Raise money and hire more talent
  • Media, money & large team will auto-magically mean ever growing users & product usage
  • Start charging for product or put ads to generate revenue

How successful products are actually built –

  • Identify real burning problem of target user group
  • Connect the dots and formulate your hypothesis of what a good solution to the problem would be
  • Validate hypothesis & build on it through observation and feedback from users who have skin in the game (pre-selling)
  • Build the core of a solution that delivers enough value for which users are happy to pay
  • Iterate on v1 to achieve strong product-market fit
  • Continue developing deep understanding of the domain, user problems, and keep experimenting towards building a world-class, successful product

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